How do I use Coffeetool?
NOTE** Some of the following steps require a commercial or semi-commercial backflushable espresso machine. If you are unsure if your espresso machine fits this profile, check with your espresso machine manufacturer before proceeding. If your machine is NOT a backflushable commercial or semi-commercial espresso machine, use step 3 ONLY.

1). Using Coffeetool's on-board detergent spoon, place a spoonful or less of JoeGlo (or your favorite backflush detergent) into a "blind insert" (without holes) in your portafilter handle.

2). Attach the portafilter to the group and start backflushing your machine following the instructions on your detergent package.

3). When its time to flush out the system, run the group and start scrubbing the shower screen and the nooks and crannies of your group with Coffeetool. This is the best time to use Coffeetool as the hot running water helps wash away spent grounds, rancid coffee resins, flavors and odors. The benefit of using coffeetool is apparent at this stage as your hands stay cool and dry.

4). Backflush your machine again, this time with out detergent. and repeat step #3.

5). Use the steam wand vent poker to unclog steam wand vent holes that have become clogged with dried milk residue or other debris (rust, hard water deposits, etc.) from inside your steam wand.

6). Use Coffeetool anytime throughout the day to keep your group clean and your coffee tasting great.

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How do I remove or replace the poker?
Remove the protective rubber cover
Unscrew and remove the bristle cartridge from the handle
Use bottom of bristle cartridge to push the pin inward until it falls out.
Replace with a new poker or discard
What do I do with the brass bristles?
Use the brass bristle cartridges to clean the back sides of your dispersion screens, and other areas or needing a good scrubbing. Do NOT use brass bristles on rubber group gaskets.
How often should I use Coffeetool?
Use Coffeetool to as often as you like. The important thing is to keep your group head clean throughout the day. Some top baristas use Coffeetool to clean spent grounds from the shower screen after every shot.