How do I use JoeGlo?
NOTE** Some of the following steps require a commercial or semi-commercial backflushable espresso machine. If you are unsure if your espresso machine fits this profile, check with your espresso machine manufacturer before proceeding. If your machine is NOT a backflushable commercial or semi-commercial espresso machine, use step 3 ONLY.

1). Using Coffeetool's on-board detergent spoon, place a spoonful or less of JoeGlo (or your favorite backflush detergent) into a "blind insert" (without holes) in your portafilter handle.

2). Attach the portafilter to the group and start backflushing your machine following the instructions on your detergent package.

3). When its time to flush out the system, run the group and start scrubbing the shower screen and the nooks and crannies of your group with Coffeetool. This is the best time to use Coffeetool as the hot running water helps wash away spent grounds, rancid coffee resins, flavors and odors. The benefit of using coffeetool is apparent at this stage as your hands stay cool and dry.

4). Backflush your machine again, this time with out detergent. and repeat step #3.

5). Use the steam wand vent poker to unclog steam wand vent holes that have become clogged with dried milk residue or other debris (rust, hard water deposits, etc.) from inside your steam wand.

6). Use Coffeetool anytime throughout the day to keep your group clean and your coffee tasting great.

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Click Here for a printable .pdf file of the Backflushing instructions above.
Can I Use JoeGlo in my home espresso machine? (non-plumbed, tank/reservoir based machines)?
User's have reported great results using a 1/2 strength solution of JoeGlo and running it through the tank. There are a couple of very important things to remember.

Before trying this cleaning method, please consult the instructions that came with your machine.

1). Make a half strength solution by dissolving 1/2 Tbsp of JoeGlo per Quart of very hot water. Pour into the water tank/reservoir .

2). Start the pump and let some of the solution enter the system. Stop and wait 30 seconds, then start the pump again and run for 30 seconds. As the solution is coming out of the group, use a Coffeetool to scrub the group head. The running water helps wash away spent coffee grounds, rancid coffee oils and odors. After 30 seconds, stop the pump and discard the remaining solution in the tank/reservoir.

3). Refill tank with fresh filtered water and run all the water through the system. This will ensure that no leftover solution remains in the machine lines and valves.

4). Pull and discard a couple of "Test" shots the re-season the machine.

You can mix up the "Wicked Liquid" solution for daily use to get rid of coffee stains and odors in your coffee cups, commuter mugs, coffee pots, utensils, etc.

Can I use JoeGlo to clean out my coffee maker?

1). Make a half strength solution by dissolving 1/2 Tbsp of JoeGlo per Quart of very hot water. Pour into the water tank/reservoir .

2). Place the Pot and the filter basket into position.

2). Turn the machine on and start the brew cycle.

3). Let the JoeGlo® solution soak in the pot for a few minutes then discard.

3). Refill tank with fresh water and run all the water through the system. Do this step twice to ensure that no leftover residue remains.

Tip: You can mix up the JoeGlo® "Wicked Liquid" solution for daily use to get rid of coffee stains and odors in your coffee cups, commuter mugs, coffee pots, utensils, etc.

How often should I use JoeGlo?
For commercial use, we recommend backflushing with JoeGlo twice a day. There is some debate within the coffee community over the best times of day to do this, but we recommend first thing in the morning after your machine has warmed up and after the morning rush (noon). At the end of the day we recommend backflushing with WATER ONLY. The reason we like this schedule is that after you "re-season" your machine, it sits there for 12 hours going rancid.

For commercial machine use at home, we recommend following your particular machines instructions. You won't need to backflush with JoeGlo very often unless you make 20 cups a day! Usually once a week to twice a month is all you need. You should, however, backflush with water daily.

In either case, you can make the "Wicked Liquid" Solution for daily use to clean your filter baskets, portafilter handles, cups, thermoses, etc.

How do I make the "Wicked Liquid" solution?
Make an effective, powerful solution using a dilution mix of (1) Tablespoon of JoeGlo per (1) quart of VERY HOT water. Do not soak anything for more than a few minutes. If it doesn't come off in 10 minutes, it's not coming off.
Why doesn't the powder dissolve completely?
Occasionally, there will be a small amount of undissolved granules left over after backflushing, This is completely normal. Like many backflush detergents, ours is oxygenated and activated by water. Unlike others though, a small percentage of our granules are more dense allowing for a longer effectiveness when using the "wicked liquid" solution for soaking utensils, portafilter handles, thermoses, airpots, etc.

However, if you're finding you have a large quantity of undissolved granules left over, check your water temperature. Just like with coffee, clean your machine after it has had a chance to warm up. 190° (88C) Hot water is essential for proper cleaning.

Can I use JoeGlo with Septic Tanks?
No, It's not recommended.
Can I use JoeGlo to descale the boiler in my home machine?
JoeGlo does contain water softeners and descalers to prevent the buildup of scale. However, if you suspect a significant buildup, we recommend using a commercial descaler for the initial process. After that, regular use of JoeGlo should prevent scale buildup going forward.