Pallo Caffeine Wrench

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What are the wrenches use for?

The Caffeine Wrench has three different sized wrenches. 8mm, 12mm and 13mm sizes. These sizes represent 95% of the steam wand tip sizes available.

What’s the gasket probe used for?

There are many different groups of varying sizes, shapes and configurations. The gasket probe can be used to remove soft gaskets for maintenance and replacement from many different groups.

If your group assembly is held together by a screw or bolt, chances are the probe will work nicely. You'll have a tough time removing the gaskets from a pressure fit type group like the E-61. It's much better to use a scratch awl or similar tool, especially if the gasket is petrified.

Why do you have a wand scraper on the wrench?

While we don't recommend letting your wand get to a point where it needs to be scraped, there are many employees and shop owners and employees who are uninformed about proper wand maintenance. After soaking in a solution like JoeGlo or other brands of solutions. (or even hot water for that matter) A gentle scraping with a beveled, contoured tool works great to remove milk buildup on the wand. It is also gentler and more efficient than a scraper or knife blade.

Why is there a bend in the tool?

Some group assemblies are held in with a 7mm or 8mm hex bolt. The bend allows for easy access to this area.

What is the notch for on the 12mm wrench?

The notch is a bottle opener. Simply insert the lip of the bottle top into the notch and pull the bottle up at an angle.

What is a basket pry?

A basket pry makes it easy to "Pop" the basket from your portafilter handle. Simply slide the basket-pry/screwdriver under the lip of the basket and turn the tool like you would a house key. "Pop" goes the basket.

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