Pallo GrindMinder

GrindMinder Diagram_Black and White

What do I do with the GrindMinder?

The GrindMinder (countertop +grinder brush) is a very useful tool for many tasks including brushing away coffee grounds and crumbs from the counter top.The GrindMinder’s thin profile lets you easily reach under equipment. The light colored bristles at the opposite end are perfect for reaching small spaces and brushing away grinds from the coffee grinder. (ALWAYS make sure the grinder is turned OFF before use the GrindMinder.)

Although the GrindMinder was originally designed for use by baristas, it’s also very useful when dusting and removing small debris in your home, office, workshop, artists studio or even your car. We use it to dust window sills, computer keyboards, eraser debris, car dashboards and other nooks and crannies in our car.

What do I do with the GrindMinder 2.0?

The GrindMinder 2.0 (countertop brush) can be used for the same tasks as the GrindMinder. The black bristles section pf the GrindMincer 2.0 has more real estate letting you wipe away more with each sweep of the brush. The GrindMinder 2-pack replacement bristle head fits the GrindMinder and the GrindMinder 2.0. Simply, unscrew the solid end and screw on a GrindMinder replacement bristle head.

Are the GrindMinder Replacement Heads included when I purchase a GrindMinder or a GrindMinder 2.0?

The GrindMinder (countertop + grinder brush) comes with two brush ends; the black bristles on one end and the light color bristles on the opposite end.

The GrindMinder 2.0 (countertop brush) only comes with the black bristle on one end. You can purchase the GrindMinder 2-pack replacement bristle heads separately for use with the GrindMinder 2.0 (countertop brush).

(GrindMinder 2-pack replacement heads are sold separately for use with both the GrindMinder and the GrindMinder 2.0).