The Impact of Cleanliness on Coffee Flavor

People spend a fortune every year getting professionals to scrub every internal surface of their ovens. It’s almost a requirement of a responsible homeowner.  But when it comes to coffee machines, it’s a different story. Even aficionados are more casual about their hygiene standards than you might think. Many believe the equipment cleans itself.  Of…

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PALLO GRINDMINDER Espresso Grinder Brush

As a barista, it’s important that everything is kept neat and tidy while you work. Coffee grounds can get everywhere, meaning machines or filters may get clogged, stopping them from working. Aside from this, a messy work area is highly unhygienic and could deter customers from coming back. With all of this in mind, the…

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Pallo Coffeetool Grouphead Brush, for a Clean Espresso Machine

PALLO COFFEETOOL Espresso Machine Grouphead Brush (Cherry)

If your espresso machine is dirty or in need of repair, you will not be able to serve good-tasting coffee to your customers. If you own a specialty coffee shop, cleaning and maintaining your equipment should be one of your top priorities because it is used to produce hundreds of cups of coffee each and…

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Pallo Caffeine Wrench, The Baristas Multi-Tool

pallo caffeine wrench

Are you a busy barista looking to reduce daily stress and work faster and smarter instead of harder? Then you’re in the right place to learn more about the Pallo Caffeine Wrench, or in other words, barista’s multi-tool. Here you can learn all the reasons why it’s a must-have for your pocket and all it’s…

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