JOEGLO JUG (128 oz/ 8 lbs)
Backflush and Soaking Detergent




Joeglo is a premium quality, fast acting, and low foam espresso machine backflush detergent. Joeglo completely removes residual coffee oils, odors, and flavors from your group heads, lines, and valves. JoeGlo even contains a water softener to help prevent scale buildup. Give Joeglo a try and you’ll see why so many top baristas prefer it. Click here for Backflush Diagram.

JoeGlo Backflush and Soaking Detergent is also an amazing multipurpose cleaning solution. Mix one tablespoon of the all-mineral JoeGlo detergent in hot water and say goodbye to coffee oils, stains, residue, and odors.

JoeGlo is used for cleaning and deodorizing coffee and milk residue on portafilters, screens, shot glasses, glass coffee pots, airpots, thermoses, urns, utensils, steam pitchers, milk pitchers, roaster cooling trays, stained coffee mugs, french presses, and steam wands.

JoeGlo is also a mutipurpose cleaner used for deodorizing juicer basket residue, porcelain pans, microwave dishes, glasses, ice tea pots, ice tea pitchers, flatware, metal water bottles, sinks,
and more.


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Backflush and Soaking Detergent”